Best Job in the World

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We are always on the lookout for something different in destination marketing, so admired the brilliant idea that Tourism Queensland came up with a year or so back when they advertised ‘the best job in the world’. The job was for an “island caretaker” willing to spend six months exploring the land and waters around the Great Barrier Reef for £70,000. The post involved the successful applicant moving to a rent-free three-bedroom villa, complete with pool, on the idyllic Hamilton Island. 35,000 people applied and within hours of the appointment of Ben Southall over 1000 websites were running the story.

Tourism Queensland generated upwards of £35m coverage and made an international list of the top 50 PR stunts.

It was inspired. And so successful that Tourism Australia are now advertising a whole range of ‘best jobs’ across the country picking up the leading themes on which Australia is promoting itself – Chief Funster, Outback Adventurer, Park Ranger, Wildlife Caretaker, Lifestyle Photographer and Taste Master. In the first 2 hours they had 5000 applications and the Australian Working Holiday Facebook page is currently the most popular destination page in the world.

Good old Ben – the original best jobber – is a media dream doing a great job for promoting the new jobs and Australia in the experience in the ‘official trailer’.

Truly original idea, brilliantly executed. And so very tempting on a grey March day in the UK …