What is Blue Sail?

Blue Sail’s all about destinations.  We’re both a tourism consultancy and a strategic marketing agency.

People come to us when they want things to change.  They may be looking for more visitors, or a different type of visitor.  They may want to understand their visitors better.  Perhaps they want to change the way they manage visitors, and get them to spend more.  Sometimes they want to improve experiences for visitors and get investment into the place.  

Most of them want the outside world to think differently about their place.  And they want to do partnerships better.

These are all things we can help you do well.



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Bad news for Birmingham - Birmingham Museums Trust “may have to close some sites” | Museums Association https://t.co/EI2cH36wmK
12 January 2017

Wonderful view from the @ba_i360 today. A perfect sundial across Regency Square https://t.co/dvpRjcd9FG
05 January 2017

Wishing you all a happy & peaceful Christmas from Blue Sail - here's our end of year round-up https://t.co/TFRgOquNoG
21 December 2016

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