How Blue Sail got its name

"Evening will come, they will sew the blue sail ..."

Nearly 12 years ago we were planning our launch, and we were looking for a name for the company.

We wanted a name that would put clear blue water between us and the competition.   We wanted it to give people a sense of our brand values: clear-headed, insightful, creative.

And besides, there were 3 of us founding directors.  So a 3-cornered sail fitted.

But there’s a slightly longer story too.  Because we took the name from the lines of a poem by Scottish poet Ian Hamilton Finlay:

“Evening will come, they will sew the blue sail.”

In nine carefully chosen words, Hamilton Finlay tells a story (of fishermen, returning home), paints a picture in our minds (of blue sea and sky, of safe harbours), stirs emotions, evokes meanings and memories (of life and death).

And his clear words cut through – making the complex appear simple.

We love the idea of clarity.  That’s what we do.  We take complex challenges and we de-mystify them.  We untie knots.  We make things clear.

And for all our ability to bring cool-headed analysis, we never forget that our work is about human beings – and the emotional connections between people and places.

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