Blue Sail and the Shared Story™ – a unique approach

We believe in the power of stories to bring people together and make places stronger. That’s why we've developed an approach we call the Shared Story.

It’s a commonly agreed way of describing a place, that everyone uses when they’re planning how to invest in improvements or new experiences, and when they’re talking to people through their marketing.

It’s a short and simple story – developed with the people in the place – that makes it clear what is special and different about the place. It doesn’t overpromise. It goes with the grain of the place, and is authentic and true.

We put our Shared Story approach at the heart of the destination planning and marketing we do. Because if everyone uses the same broad ideas to develop the place, and then uses some of the same concepts to talk about the place to the outside world, the image and the actual experiences in the place will be much stronger. And that will mean more impact, and more visitors.

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