Despite being experienced tourism consultants, sometimes in our project work we find gaps that can’t be filled with existing knowledge. That’s why, in addition to our client work, at Blue Sail we also provide tourism insights into specific areas of the visitor economy – areas that really interest us or inspire us to think deeper. Here are the results of some of our recent research and thinking:

Generation Insight

All our work starts with the visitor – who are they, what are they looking for, how can a destination meet their needs? There are several established segmentation models we use to answer these questions but we’re often left wondering if there are more nuances in travel behaviour within different areas of the population than these models allow for. So, we’ve done some research into two specific areas of the population – Boomers and Generation Z & Millennials (18-40 year olds). Click on the individual links to read about our findings.


Blue Sail and the Shared Story™ – a unique approach

We believe in the power of stories to bring people together and make places stronger.  That’s why we’ve developed an approach we call the Shared Story.  It’s a short and simple story – developed with the people in the place – that makes it clear what is special and different about the place. It doesn’t overpromise. It goes with the grain of the place, and is authentic and true. Read more

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