Strategy and business plan for the international organisation behind Tall Ships Races

We’ve been helping the charity Sail Training International to consult with its stakeholders and develop its strategy and a business plan for its trading arm.

The sight of tall ships in harbours around the UK, Europe and beyond is awe-inspiring. So is the work that Sail Training International does – providing opportunities for young people to have the experience of a lifetime crewing those ships.

That’s why we are particularly pleased to be working with the board of trustees helping them develop a 5-year strategy for the charity, as well as a business plan for the trading arm which organises the races, regattas and events.

Our role is taking us to their international conferences in Bordeaux and Seville (as well as closer to home in Southampton) for workshops and consultations with ports, ship owners and event organisers, making sure everyone is on board.

(Images below courtesy Sail Training International and Ulf Hansen)

"Sail Training is incredible. To say it was life-changing is an understatement …"
Peta Koczy, Young Sail Trainer of the Year 2018