Reaching out to tourists – a Tourism Marketing Strategy for the Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection is a place that many Londoners know and love – but the marketers there turned to us for advice about reaching tourists through the development of a new Tourism Marketing Strategy, as part of its mission to become a well-regarded, culturally relevant brand.

In our creative workshop for the Wellcome Collection, someone summed it up as “a gorgeous space to let your mind run around in”. That’s a lovely description of a place that – till now – had proved really hard to categorise.

If you’ve not visited the Wellcome Collection in London’s Euston Road you really should.

In tourism circles, adjectives such as “unique” and “world-class” are bandied around way too much … but the exceptional Wellcome Collection deserves such superlatives.

It’s a museum, a gallery, a library, a space for imaginative, engaging events and exhibitions. Its fabulous Reading Room is one of London’s best-kept secrets.

And as we like to think of ourselves as “incurably curious” (their pithy positioning) we were really pleased to work with them on a tourism marketing strategy – identifying best markets and segments, advising on positioning, partnerships and routes to market – and then were delighted to be asked back to help implement our recommendations.

"It’s a place that Londoners know and love … a gorgeous space to let your mind run around in"