A Tourism Growth Plan for the National Forest

The new National Forest is now coming of age as a visitor destination. The next 10 years are about moving from an emerging destination to an established one. We’ve been advising on what needs to happen next through the creation of a tourism growth plan.

The National Forest is one of Britain’s boldest environmental projects: the creation of a new forest across 200 square miles of Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire, linking the ancient forests of Needwood and Charnwood. Over the last 25 years the National Forest Company has created a woodland economy and a beautiful landscape for everyone to enjoy.

We took a fresh look at what needed to happen to create distinctive visitor experiences that bring the National Forest brand to life for target markets. The brand is all about creating a very special woodland place: a Forest where people come for inspiration, to feel empowered and grounded, and to connect with each other. The Tourism Growth Plan is about creating inspiring “stand-out” places and experiences, and stimulating investment to enable the Forest to thrive as a visitor destination.

We looked at accommodation, attractions, festivals and creating forest towns. We presented the Growth Plan at its industry launch in the Forest at Calke Abbey and Blue Sail’s partners Mark Design designed the document for us, using the Forest’s brand guidelines.

(Images courtesy of The National Forest)

"The National Forest is recognised as one of the most ambitious and imaginative sustainable development projects in the country"
Sir William Worsley, Chairman, National Forest Company