Visit Belfast – organisation business plan

It’s an exciting time for Belfast: Lonely Planet named it the best place to visit in 2018, and the city is buzzing with new developments. So we were delighted to help destination management organisation Visit Belfast develop its new strategy and business plan.

Visit Belfast is the destination management and marketing organisation for the city region and has been at the heart of significant growth in recent years. The organisation needed a root-and-branch review to create a four-year organisational strategy, and a one-year business plan.

We worked closely with the Board, Executive, key stakeholders and funders to identify projects that would increase the momentum and could generate an additional £546m of local impact over the next four years.

We developed a set of core principles to guide decisions about where to focus resources, and the adopted plan has shifted activity into areas which meet these principles. We also identified a number of growth projects, for which additional funding has been secured.

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