Glasgow – events strategy

Hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2014 clinched Glasgow’s reputation for delivering world-class events. The European Championships in 2018 further endorsed the city’s sporting event credentials. But no place can rest on its laurels and the Glasgow Events Team is already looking beyond 2020 for a long-term vision and strategy for the next decade.

We’ve been working alongside the team bringing an external perspective, an objective view and knowledge of what other cities are doing to help develop this new Events Strategy. Very aware of the importance of partnership – and that the city council can’t be responsible for everything – we’ve been exploring new ways of working to build relationships and networks which will be the catalyst to new and better events and festivals.

The Strategy will be rooted in the particular strengths of Glasgow: its people, sport, music – Glasgow is a UNESCO City of Music – and its outstanding culture. The ambition of Glasgow to have a global presence on the events stage is clear.

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