Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire – place narratives

Our place narrative work for the newly formed destination marketing organisation for Aberdeen City and Shire began with four 2-hour sense-of-place workshops in different venues across Aberdeenshire. We had around 100 participants and gathered masses of creative input that meant we could produce strong stories for the destination grounded in local people's passion for the place – as well as being informed by our external perspective and research.

Reflecting the diversity of city and shire we produced a series of Shared Stories ™ – our approach to capturing the essence of places.  There’s a story for the entire area, three stories based on locations and six thematic stories based on the particular strengths of the tourism offer.  We also compiled a ‘wordbank’ of evocative phrases and powerful  individual words which could be picked up and used in marketing communications.

Our work was brought together in the Shared Story Toolkit, an excellent resource for businesses.  It was also used to brief photographers and film makers as VisitAberdeenshire developed their image library.  And lately we’ve noticed that some of the words and phrases are being used on the walls of Aberdeen Airport – an easy, practical way to use the Shared Story to welcome people to the place.

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