Virtual Workshops in Iceland

We've been working for the past year with Visit Westfjords on the development of a new 950km touring route around Iceland's north west peninsula. Vestfjarðaleiðin #TheWestfjordsWay is due to be launched in September. For the past few months we've been working on a toolkit for businesses to encourage them to sign up and provide them with the resources needed to get involved. Sadly, we weren't able to get to Iceland this Spring to deliver toolkit workshops to the lovely businesses along the route. So instead we did it online!

We are well practised in running live creative, interactive workshops for numbers between 6 and 60 but this was the first one we have done online.  And you do need to work harder to make it engaging (we’ve all been at online events recently that really struggle to keep your attention) but we were quite pleased with our first foray into this virtual space. Of course you miss out on the chatty asides, and it has to be thought about more creatively with new approaches and techniques. But it’s definitely worth doing – and we look forward to doing more in future.

In the meantime – if your Icelandic is up to scratch or if you want to see Lorna and Adam presenting the Toolkit you can find it here – now going viral around the Vestfjarðaleiðin #TheWestfjordsWay !

PS The toolkit was designed by our good friends at Mark Design bringing beauty to practicality.

Visit Westfjords