Tourism Events Review for Causeway Coast and Glens

This is a challenging time for tourism and even more so for the events sector. So maybe counter-intuitively it's totally the right time to be looking at how you support tourism events and developing a strategy for the next decade. That's exactly what we have been asked to do for Causeway Coast and Glens in Northern Ireland.
Photo by Tyler Donaghy on Unsplash

It’s great to be back (even if only virtually) in Northern Ireland and working with Causeway Coast and Glens Council. We’ll be reviewing their current events programme (much of which has of course been cancelled this year), identifying opportunities for events to contribute more to tourism growth in the area and sorting out what the Council’s role should be in supporting events.  There are many reasons for local authorities to support events – our focus for this work is to focus on the benefits they bring for tourism – visitors, spend, reputation, vibrancy, sense of place. We are looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and immersing ourselves (again even if only virtually for now!) in this beautiful place.