Suburban Nights

There’s an exhibition about suburbia at the London Transport Museum which has led me to muse on whether the suburbs are ever exciting destinations for visitors or whether they are just too, well, suburban.

My own village (which likes to pretend it’s a proper village but is really the last gasp of South Manchester suburbia) has undoutedly become a food and drinking destination in the past 10 years. For a population of 5000 it has around 24 eating places. So every evening (and sometimes lunchtime too) there’s an influx of visitors. Many come in swanky cars (with personalised plates naturally) and the pavement cafes give them ample opportunity to see and be seen.

Some of the older locals complain about the way the village has been ‘ruined’. But to my mind it adds hugely to the gaiety of the scene and the identity of the place. It may not be the traditional and genteel character of suburban England but it’s sure keeping the economy and employment alive in these parts.