New Attractions

We like to keep on top of new trends so when we heard about Daylesford Organics, the (so much more than) a farm shop on the edge of the Cotswolds we just had to pay a visit. And it so much more than a farm shop – it also has a cafe, a store, a cookery school, and a spa (teaching yoga, meditation and selling their own product range of body care). The whole place is beautifully built, branded, packaged and presented in the most tasteful way. We can well believe people make the trip from London (passing by outlets in Notting Hill and Harvey Nicholls not to mention Munich) for a day out in the ‘country’.

While this is one of the most up-market manifestations we’ve seen, rural based retail/food/farming/craft places are definitely part of a growing trend. Have a look at Brodie Country Fair in Morayshire in Scotland – or our good friends at Whitmuir Organics near Edinburgh.

And returning to Daylesford – their place is so seductive that despite this being just a research trip we came away with considerably lighter pockets and (paper) carrier bags of goodies. Small price to pay!