My generation …

How many of you – like me – used to think you were a Baby Boomer, only to find out that you’re a GenJoneser (born 1954-1965)?

If you didn’t ever feel you quite fitted into the immediate post-war Boomers’ profile, this could be the reason why. And, whatever age you are, if you’re a destination marketer who’s been cheerfully lumping all the Boomers together – maybe it’s time to think again!

They say that GenJonesers in the West grew up with such high expectations that they tend to feel unrequited and be more cynical than

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earlier Boomers. We’re said to view ourselves as lateral thinkers, creative, energetic and more politically active and aware than the generations around us. Worth remembering next time you communicate with us.

But of course all good marketers know that the year you were born is only one (small?) aspect of a target’s profile. If there’s one thing we GenJonesers seem to have in common, it’s a stubborn refusal to be defined by our chronological age – or perhaps that’s just more wishful thinking.