Dare to be different

August 22, 2018 - Michele

In a world of worthy tourism advertising campaigns and greige websites, this year’s Vilnius multi media campaign is fun and refreshing, and most importantly, is getting talked about. Not seen it? Take a look here. And don’t read on until you have.

Apparently, using the phrase “Nobody knows where it is but when you find it – it’s amazing. Vilnius. The G-spot of Europe” is offensive to some people. Apologies if you are one of them. Click away now. But to most of us, the campaign is light-hearted and eye-catching. It has the confidence to make fun of the fact few people know where the city is.  It conveys a place that is exciting and worth exploring. Arguably it promises a lot!

The themed website is engaging whether you are taking part in the fun quiz or swiping left and right, Tinder-style, to collect the things you want to include, or not, on your holiday. The website includes all the main tourist attractions and the types of activity you’d expect a destination website to cover. It just gives everything a risqué heading, rather than the more conventional “events & festivals” or “food & drink” titles.

The campaign was originally conceived by Lithuanian students who wanted to draw international attention to their capital. Go Vilnius, the official tourism organisation for the city, approached them, and an advertising campaign was born, directed at UK and German millennials.

Earlier this year Lonely Planet included the city in their ‘Best in Europe’ list. They said – “Vilnius has found its confident, quirky voice – and it’s only a matter of time before the world cottons on”. Maybe this campaign will speed up that process.  And begs the question about just how daring and different destination campaigns need to be to get attention in a crowded noisy marketplace.

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