What we do

Is your place “worth seeing, but not worth going to see” - to quote Samuel Johnson? Well, we can help with that. Because we turn good places into great places to visit.

People come to us when they want things to change.   They may be looking for more visitors, or a different type of visitor.  They may want to understand their visitors better.  Perhaps they want to change the way they manage visitors, and get them to spend more.  Sometimes they want to improve experiences for visitors and get investment into the place.  Or cope with shrinking budgets. 

Most of them want the outside world to think differently about their place.  And they want to do partnerships better.

This is where we can help.  Blue Sail is both a tourism consultancy and a strategic marketing agency.  The consultancy does tourism strategies, destination management plans, feasibility studies, and helps sort out tourism organisations and set up partnerships.  Our agency does market analysis, branding and marketing strategies, marketing planning and managing delivery of marketing and PR for places and partnerships.

We know how complex destinations can be.  We understand the politics, large and small p.  We know how to bring public, private and third sectors together.  And we know what works.



What we do

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25 March 2017

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21 March 2017

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